Benjamin Dell

What Happens When My Event Goes Live?

A Session by Benjamin Dell (Founder & CEO, HeySummit)

About this Session

In this tutorial video we'll walk through all of the things you'll want to check and be aware of when your event goes live. We'll cover the following:

  • What to check for before your event goes live (making sure there are no issues)
  • The differences between how talks are broadcast (depending on the type of provider you’re using - i.e. live webinar, live stream or pre-recorded)
  • The automated emails that will be sent whilst the event is live
  • What your attendees will see & experience

About The Host

Benjamin Dell

Benjamin Dell

Founder & CEO, HeySummit

Benjamin is the founder & CEO at HeySummit. If there's something he doesn't know about the platform, it's probably not worth knowing :)