Benjamin Dell

Using QR Codes Within Your Event

A Session by Benjamin Dell (Founder & CEO, HeySummit)

About this Session

In this video, I will guide you through the new QR code functionality and how it can benefit your events, especially for in-person events. I will demonstrate the registration process from the attendee's perspective and show you how they can access their QR code.

As an event organizer, I will also explain how you can verify and check in attendees using the QR code. This feature allows for individual ticket check-ins and provides important information about ticket restrictions.

Watch this video to learn how to effectively use QR codes for your events.

About The Host

Benjamin Dell

Benjamin Dell

Founder & CEO, HeySummit

Benjamin is the founder & CEO at HeySummit. If there's something he doesn't know about the platform, it's probably not worth knowing :)